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Founded by a former fashionista with extensive experience in the world of haute couture, Indigo Jones Eats is a New York-based gourmet boutique catering company that creates stunning and delicious confections.

For my golden jubilee, I invited Shari, the owner of Indigo Jones Eats, to be a part of the festivities and she did not disappoint. For this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, Shari created a beautiful selection of stunning miniature delights. Indigo Jones Eats special birthday package included its signature rich buttery crust blueberry and apple tarts with decorative crusts, and a gorgeous array of shortbread cookies such as rosemary and lemon with fresh edible flowers – so decadent and posh.

A true artisan, Shari has taken her baking talent far beyond the historical start of the art of baking – her work is a masterpiece of love and attention to detail.

Each of her creations are made from scratch with the finest ingredients and a homemade touch. Indigo Jones Eats offers custom catering for all occasions that feature fresh seasonal ingredients and flavorful cuisine. Its assortment of sweet and savory delights includes vegan and gluten-free options – no detail is overlooked.

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