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Created by fashion designer Shari Hershon, Indigo Jones Eats is one of New York’s gems. After an illustrious career working for luxe brands such as Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Ann Taylor, Loft, and Tommy Hilfiger. Shari decided to pursue her true passion of creating specialty foods that are both tasty, and tasteful – Indigo Jones Eats was born! At Indigo Jones Eats, each item is made from scratch with love, the finest ingredients and a homemade touch – whether it’s for one or one hundred!

The Details

Indigo Jones Eats offers savory and sweet delights for every occasion – from blissful nuptials, birthdays, anniversaries to snazzy soirées, Indigo Jones Eats will whet and satisfy your palate. Known for its classic s’mores that are truly delectable, Indigo Jones Eats’ s’mores are made with homemade graham crackers and artisanal marshmallows. Other scrumptious delights range from cheesecake brownies, shortbread candy barsand lovely dainty cookie spoons. For savory gastronome, there’s beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards that are a true feast for your eyes and palate – they are dressed with wonderful gourmet fare such as fine cheeses, seafood, old-world breads and succulent olives. Indigo Jones Eats also offers artful canapés for weddings, events and launch parties – the possibilities are endless!

La critique

Recently featured in The Oprah Magazine, Indigo Jones Eats is a true maison of gourmet delights. The Soirée team thoroughly enjoyed the marvelous s’mores from Indigo Jones Eats. We have one word to describe the experience: Spectacular! SM

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